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The foundation was established on 8 April 1904 by Jeremias Meyjes Jr. and Mr Fokke Eduard Posthumus Meyjes.
They described their motives for establishing the foundation in a letter to members of the Meyjes family.

The letter (in old Dutch) reads as follows:

In extended families like ours, it is natural and not uncommon that some members, less favoured by fortune and owing to various causes, would experience hardship and be unable to provide for themselves.

In many - also significant - families, funds have been created to alleviate the distress of impoverished family members. It is our understanding that our family also should not be deprived of such a fund.
A few years ago, we all felt, due to and after the appearance of our family book, that there are bonds that continue to exist even if they are sometimes forgotten, and that the family is a single unit whose branches may not be indifferent towards the suffering of other members. We have no right to let family members fall prey to misfortune, when we know that they are suffering. Therefore, the two first-undersigned have made a sum of Fl. 500 available that will form the basis of a fund, and, by notarial deed, have established the Meyjes Fund Foundation. They have found the other undersigned willing to co-administer the foundation and now make up the board together with them.
The objective of the foundation is to assist the unmarried female members of the family, either who bear the Meyjes name or whose mother or deceased husband was named Meyjes, who but have been unsuccessful in their attempts to support themselves through intellectual or manual labour. This objective is further detailed in the articles.

We have had to confine ourselves to the needy female members of our family. It is our belief that, as a rule, males are better able to provide for themselves. Besides, we want, with the relatively limited funds with which we began, to be able to make payments within a relatively short amount of time. As such, we should not draw an overly broad circle.
To achieve the objective, the fund should, in addition to the deposits made by the founders, be constituted and increased through annual contributions, one-time gifts, bequests, donations, etcetera.
And now we are coming to you, so that our work is not in vain, and through your contributions - preferably annually - with a serious and urgent request to support a cause that is so close to you. No one can know whether some day one of his close relatives will be facing the future without care and, thus, will require the support of our fund.

Should the female members of our family find themselves in difficult circumstances beyond their control in the future, they will be protected from poverty by our mutual cooperation.
We politely request that you complete the enclosed form with the promise of a large or a small contribution and send it to the two undersigned as soon as possible. Each one of us would be pleased, either verbally or in writing, to discuss this issue that is so important for us all.
Copies of the articles of association will soon be available upon request for Fl. 1.00 at the abovenamed address - for the benefit of the fund.

Jeremias Meyjes Jr. (branch: from Coeverden)
Mr F.E. Posthumus Meyjes (branch: from Manen)
J.W. Meyjes Jr. (branch: from Voorthuysen)
A.J.P. Meyjes (branch: Gotte)
Miss A.E. Meyjes (branch: Dresselhuys)
The board was expanded in December 1905 with the addition of:
Johanna Elisabeth Lobeck-Meyjes (branch: Bonebakker)
Willem van Oostrom Meyjes (branch: Everwijn)

This was the message over 100 years ago.

In 1959 an amendment was made to the articles of association: male members also became eligible for support.
That illegitimate descendants might also receive support was not ruled out.
In 1988 the articles were amended so that study advances could also be provided. In 2015 the articles were further adapted to reflect current events and situations. Second-generation Meyjes family members can now also receive support. Furthermore, it is now possible to donate to organisations in which Meyjes family members are involved.

Genealogical information

Besides the above-mentioned objective, the Meyjes Fund Foundation is also interested in genealogical information. The requested information concerns births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and, if possible, information about careers, etcetera. This information will be processed in the family’s genealogy and eventually into a new edition of the Meyjes book. We would appreciate it very much if you would pass on such information to the board member responsible for keeping genealogical records. See also “Contact bestuur” (Contact board).

Family gatherings

Family gatherings are regularly held to strengthen the ties between family members. For more information about these family gatherings, see the website under the heading familiereŁnie (family reunion). A family newsletter describing news about the family appears at irregular times. Naturally, you are always welcome to contribute news items to this newsletter.


The family’s surname is derived from the Frisian name Meye - Meyes (Meye's son). The name has various spellings in different places. Our family books written by certified genealogists indicate that, according to authentic documents of that time (± 1780), the agreement was made to use the generally accepted spelling of ‘Meyjes’. There remains some confusion because people in Holland then were unfamiliar with or did not recognise the ‘Y’ that was used in Friesland (Fryslan). The civil registry, including birth certificates, was established during this time period. The civil registrar wrote the name of the newborn child according to the verbal input of the father. Consequently, the incorrect spelling was forever fixed in the official name registry. The possibility to modify an incorrectly spelled name or surname was not introduced until much later. The civil registrar of the town in which the person was born, possibly on the orders of the public prosecutor of the district (officier van Justitie van het Arrondissement) responsible for said town, can officially correct the spelling of the name or surname. To do this, you must submit a written request to the registrar of the town in which you were born. The reason for this request must, of course, also be provided.