Stichting' het Meyjes Fonds'

Opgericht door Jeremias Meyjes Jr. en Mr. Fokke Eduard Posthumus Meyjes.

Jeremias Meyes
Jeremias Meyjes Jr. 1865 - 1942

Doelstelling Stichting "het Meyjes Fonds"

De primaire doelstelling van de Stichting "Het Meyjes Fonds"is het verlenen van onderstand aan leden en nakomelingen van de familie Meyjes.

Nederlandse versie Nederlandse versie

Who belongs to the Meyjes family?
Understood by the Meyjes family in the statutes are the descendants in the male line of JOHANNES MEYJES from WOUDSEND, who form the family to which the founders of the foundation belong. Understood by Meyjes family members are spouse, widow and (grand) child of a member.

Who is eligible for relief ( = financial support)?
Granting of support can be made to members and descendants of the Meyjes family who need it.
Support can also be provided to persons separated from a Meyjes family member, if approved by the board.
Finally support may be provided to descendants of Meyjes family members who lack the status of legal descendant however are entitled to bear the family-name Meyjes with or without any other name as prefix, just as descendants of such persons up to the second degree.
In all situations, only the board of the “Het Meyjes Fonds” foundation may decide on provision of support in accordance with the statutes and rules of the foundation.

Student grants, student loans, micro financing, donations to institutions or organisations.
As an additional objective the foundation can provide study payment advances and grants and loans as well as support to institutions or organisations to which Meyjes family members have a specific connection, such as director, supervisor, initiator, subsidiser and the like.
Examples of such support are:
a. Financial assistance when in (financial) need, assistance cannot or not solely be provided by the applicant himself or other close family members of the applicant;
b. Student loans;
c. Study grants;
d. Micro financing, defined as ‘a small loan with the aim of encouraging private entrepreneurship’, in so far as the financing cannot be met in the usual way;
e. Interest-free advances.

Provision of support to institutions and organisations is possible if a Meyjes family member has a specific connection with such an institution or organisation. This could be: director, supervisor, initiator, subsidiser or volunteer or the like.

Conditions for granting relief to institutions and/or organisations
The board will decide whether to pay the relief granted in instalments or as a lump sum. The board may impose conditions to the granting of support. In the case where the support is in the form of an advance or micro financing, the board will regulate the conditions on which the support is provided. Relief provided must be accounted for by the recipient in a manner and time as determined by the board.

How can you apply for support?
If you or a family member wishes to become eligible for support, then submit a reasoned written request to the board. You will be asked to provide all information and to supply all documentation which the board will need to assess this request. The aim is to let you know within two weeks whether the application has been approved.

Applications can be made in writing or by email to the “Het Meyjes Fonds” Foundation’s secretary, c/o Pieter Mondriaanlaan 9, 2408 DG Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands, Email:
When submitting the application please provide reasoning for this case, a copy of your ID and all your contact details.

Board Members "Het Meyjes Fonds"

Branch 1
Y. (Ynske) van Ravenzwaay - Meyjes (Board member)


Branch 2
H. (Hans) Meyjes (Board member)


Branch 3
J.W.C. (Tim) Posthumus Meyjes (Board member)


Branch 4
G.M. (Mieke) Meyjes (Board member + genealogy)                           


Branch 5
M.C. (Margreet) Winters - Meyjes (Board member)


Branch 6
L.A.C. (Leonard) Posthumus Meyjes (Ad interim Chairman and treasurer)
Kanaalstraat 157-3
1054 XE Amsterdam

Branch 7
Emma van der Meulen (Board member)

Tak 1 = Descendants of Jeremias Meyjes and Lady Fosca Helena van Coeverden tot Wegdam.
Tak 2 = Descendants of Johannes Henricus Meyjes and Anna Elisabeth Dresselhuys
Tak 3 = Descendants of Reinier Posthumus Meyjes and Willemyna Petronella van Manen
Tak 4 = Descendants of Johannes Weygardus Meyjes and Geesiena Maria van Voorthuysen
Tak 5 = Descendants of Jeremias Meyjes and Josien Louise Bonebakker
Tak 6 = Descendants of Johannes Willem Meyjes and Maghtilda Geertruida Götte
Tak 7 = Descendants of Frans Meyjes and Johanna Lucretia Geertruida Everwijn