The primary objective of the Meyjes Fund is to furnish financial assistance to members and descendants of the Meyjes family.

Who belongs to the Meyjes family?

According to the statutes, the Meyjes family is defined as the descendants in the male line of JOHANNES MEYJES of WOUDSEND. They form the family to which the founders of the Meyjes Fund belonged. Also included are the spouse, widow, children and grandchildren of a member.

Who is eligible for assistance?

  • Assistance may be granted to members and descendants of the Meyjes family.
  • Assistance may also be granted to persons divorced from a member of the Meyjes family, but only with the approval of the Board.
  • Finally, assistance may be granted to descendants of members of the Meyjes family who are not legally recognised as such but are entitled to bear the Meyjes name with or without any other name as prefix, as well as to the descendants of such persons in the first and second degree.

In all cases, the Board will only award assistance in accordance with the fund’s statutes and rules.

Student grants, student loans, microfinance and donations to institutions or organisations

As a secondary objective, the foundation can provide student advances, grants and loans and also support institutions or organisations with which a member of the Meyjes family is closely involved – for example, as a director, trustee, initiator or benefactor.

Examples of such assistance

  • Financial assistance to meet a need, financial or otherwise, which cannot be satisfied, either in whole or in part, by the applicant personally or by their immediate relatives.
  • Student loans.
  • Student grants.
  • Microfinance, defined as “a small loan with the aim of enabling or stimulating entrepreneurship”, insofar the need for this assistance cannot be met through regular financing channels.
  • Interest-free advances.

Conditions for awards to institutions and/or organisations

The Board may decide to pay the amount awarded either in instalments or as a lump sum, and it may attach conditions to these payments. If the award takes the form of an advance or microfinance, the Board defines the conditions under which it is provided. The use of any amount received must be accounted for by the beneficiary in a manner and at a time to be determined by the Board.

How to apply for assistance

If you or a member of your family would like to be considered for assistance from the fund, you should submit a detailed and substantiated written application to the Board of Trustees, including your contact details and a copy of your official identity document. You are asked to provide all information and documentation the Board may deem necessary to assess your application. Once this has been received, the Board aims to inform you within two weeks as to whether your application will be honoured. Applications can be submitted by e-mail only, to the secretariat of Stichting Het “Meyjes-Fonds” (please use the contact form on the Board & Contact page).

Johannes Meyjes (1708-1798).